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Foot and ankle medicine and surgery.

All ailments and disorders of the foot and ankle.

All Ages treated.

Patients come first. 

Patients are human and not a number.

No wait, No Rush, No hassle.

Emphasis on education to optimize care.

Excellent over all experience and care.

Heel and arch pain:

Custom molded foot orthoses (inserts) for optimal alignment of the

fore-foot to rear-foot relationship and proper body weight transition

with no stress on the ankles, knees, hips and low back.

Over the counter shock absorption inserts with heel height and inner

arch build up pending on foot type.

Night splints (in front and behind of foot and ankle).

Physical therapy modalities including ultra sound, muscle stimulation,

and stretching exercises.

Rx NSAIDs (non steroid oral anti-inflammatory drugs) with or without

muscle relaxants.

Oral steroids

Injectable steroids

MRI and Ultra sound

lastly, surgical intervention which comprises less than 10% of population.


Warts belong to the human papilloma virus (HPV) and infect various

parts of the body aka verruca plantaris (plantar foot wart), verruca capitis

(scalp wart), manum (hand) vulgaris (body) etc.

All are highly contagious and resilient with high recurrence rate.

Acids in various strength (liquid verses solid such as putty) followed by

athletic tape for two days kept clean dry and intact - pending allergic

reactions and symptoms.

Histo-freeze which creates redness followed by blistering - may require

several treatments.

Cantha-cur and Podophylum creating blistering effect to the skin

Laser curattage - requires local wound care after burning warts with possible

scar tissue formation and re-currence.

Candin solution - modified form of medical yeast which is injected into the

wart and the body forming a hypersensitivity immune type IV reaction.

Above all, proper diagnosis is crucial since neoplastic lesions may resemble 

warts.  Lastly, excessive repetitive chemical and various irritants can lead to 


Onychomycosis (toenail fungus):

Fungus is a kingdom with a numerous organism.

Toenail fungus is extremely resilient and may undergo a dormant stage once

environment is not suitable for the fungal infection on the toe.

It is a nail bed infection with separation of the nail bed from the nail plate associated

with discoloration, debris formation, malodor, skin infection such as athletes foot which

may become eczematous if not treated and of course pain.

Treatment vary on type of organism and severity / surface area of involvement and 

medical condition.

Oral medication with careful screening each patient and monthly blood work is highly

effective in my practice.  Be aware of organism, medication coverage, duration, and medical

condition since oral antifungal medication has alot of side effects and contra-indications.


a) startling statistics,

b) how do you get Diabetes,

c) wound healing,

d) signs and symtpoms

e) education and prevention

Arthritis of the foot & ankle:

a) rheumatoid

b) gout

c) systemic lupus

d) psoriatic

e) osteoarthritis

f) many other sero negative and sero positive arthritides

Dermatological disorders of the foot and ankle:

a) eczema

b) athlete's feet

c) warts

d) toenail disorders

e) excessive sweat disorders

Pediatric congenital and acquired disorders of the foot & ankle:

a) club foot

b) toeing in or out disorders

c) flat feet

d) high arch foot type

e) toe deformities

f) juvenile bunion deformities

g) polydactyly (extra toe)

Sport injuries of the Foot & Ankle:

fractures, sprains, and strains

Reconstructive foot and ankle surgery:

skin and Bone grafting of the Foot & Ankle

Local soft tissue flap surgery

Amputations of the foot

Flat foot, high arch foot type and other congenital and acquired foot deformities surgically corrected.

Tendon transfers, tendon suspensions, tendon repairs

Joint Fusions to the Foot & Ankle

Osteotomies (bone cuts/corrections of deformities) of the Foot & Ankle

Joint Replacements of the foot

Foot & Ankle fracture care

Sport injuries to the foot and ankle

Ankle joint instability/Ankle ligament tears

General foot surgery:

Ingrown toe nail

Skin lesion/soft tissue biopsy

Soft tissue and bone tumors

Nerve pathology

Tarsal tunnel syndrome (anterior and posterior)

Neuroma excision with muscle belly implantation.

Hammertoe, claw toe, mallet toe, curly toe corrections

Big toe and baby toe bunion surgery

Hallux Limitus and Rigidus surgery

Joint replacement

Rheumatoid Arthritis/Autoimmune disease

Gouty arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis

Bone spurs heel and instep

Plantar Fasciitis 

I believe each patient should be seen twice in the first post operative week

followed by once weekly pending on the type of surgery performed.

Active staff member with full privileges at Milford Hospital since 2002.

Both in patient and out patient surgeries performed at Milford Hospital.

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